dj ShmeeJay‘s Ain’t No Big Thing podcast,  syndicated through iTunes, with a new musical episode released about twice per month.

This show I host French producers Thoma Cher who’s currently based in Shanghai. If you like what you hear, which I know you will, I urge you to check out his latest release Holiday Disco from Whiskey Disco Records.

You can find Thoma on SoundCloud and Facebook, and also check out his other project Motel77.

Thoma Cher’s set is his little secret, but if you ask nicely perhaps he will tell you.

dj ShmeeJay’s set:

Kuniko’s TV (DT Edit) [Pleasure of Love]
Ben La Desh & Plan DAquaCrackstate [Apersonal Music]
Last Time (Brother Edit) [Cut & Shut Edits]
Phantom Slasher Search The Meat [Noid Recordings]
Lonette McKeeThe Way I Want To Touch You [Too Slow To Disco]
Mario BasanovCaribbean Girl (New Found Land Remix) [Needwant]
Son CaribeCaribbean Son (DC Edit) [Pleasure of Love]
RobJamWebTake A Stand (The Lords Dub Mix) [Waxadisc]
Look At You (DJ Steef edit) [Superbreak]
DjavanPedra Fala! (Riccio‘s Resturacao) [Legalize Lambda]
Rocco RaimundoLooking For You [Editorial]
LUXXURY Take It Slow [Deep&Disco Recordings]

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Ne musicae vivet,

folO Olof