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My Ain’t No Big Thing radio show is back in session, airing the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at
8pm (PST) / 11pm (EST) / 3am (GMT – Friday)  on, and with a podcast syndicated on iTunes.

In the past I’ve featured guest mixes from a roaster of incredibly talented taste makers.  If you are interested in participating, feel free to hit me up. I’m a friendly guy. djShmeejay (at) gmail (dot) com

Now syndicated via iTunes podcast.

Tentatively scheduled guest mixes, coming up:


May 11 – Midnattssoula from Trondheim, Norway

May 25 – Luxxury, from Los Angeles, California 

June 10 –  Beatwell from Oslo, Norway beatwell_aint-no-big-thing-freq2June 24Hober Mallow from Sydney, Australia July 13 –  Ziggy Phunk from Copenhagen, Denmark    July 27 – Bad Barbie  

August 10 – Discolog from Istanbul, Turkeydiscolog_aint-no-big-thing-freq2August 24 – Rulefinn from Oslo, Norway Rulefinn_Ain't No Big Thing-Freq2September 14 – Leonard Part Sixx, from Chicago, ILleonard-part-sixx_aint-no-big-thing-freq2September 28 –  Cole Medina – Los Angeles, California cole-medina_aint-no-big-thing-freq2

October 12 –    Trujillo from Berlin, Germany  October 26 – VinylAddicted from Greece vinyladdicted_aint-no-big-thing-freq2November 9 Dino Soccio

November 23 –  Gene Lee from Seattle, WAgene-lee_aint-no-big-thing-freq2

December 7 – The Beat Broker

December 21 – The SugarBear


Acid Dad Crash Pad


Past guest from the show’s current incarnation include:


Bombyce from France – Archive
Mark Lippert from Seattle, WA  – Archive
Napoleon from Costa Rica – Archive
Estèphe from Geneva, Switzerland – Archive
Tee Cardaci from Rio De Janiero, Brazil – Archive
Drop Out Orchestra from Sweden – Archive
Ooft! from Glasgow, Scotland – Archive


Martín Miguel from Washington, DC – Archive
Night Train From Seattle, Washington  – Archive
The Starkiller from Amsterdam, Netherlands – Archive
JB Dizzy from Florida, US – Archive
Floppy Disco, Long Beach California – Archive
Javi Frias from Madrid Spain – Archive
Fran Deeper, Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Spain – Archive
Richardo Torres, Los Angeles, CA – Archive
Dave Allison from Montreal, Canada – Archive
Martin Hayes from Leipzig, Germany  – Archive
The Silver Rider from Brooklyn, New York – Archive
Spaceotter from Seattle, Washington – Archive
Andrew Allsgood from Victoria, Canada – Archive
Hristo from Victoria, Brithis Columbia – Archive
Olivier Boogie from Amsterdam, Netherlands – Archive
Earwig from Dayton, Ohio – Archive
Pleasure Principle from Los Angeles, California  – Archive
LeSale from Vienna, Austria – Archive
B.G. Baarregaard from Oslo, Norway – Archive
dj Friction from Ludwigsburg, Germany – Archive
Soultronic from Burghousen, Germany – Archive
80s Child from Warrington, England – Archive


Disco B (Late Night Sessions) from Serres, Greece – Archive
Sleazy McQueen from Orlando, Florida – Archive
Fingerman from Britain – Archive
YSE Saint Laur’Ant  (Balearic/early 90s house DJ Mix – Part III) – Archive
Pablo Contraband from Hove, England – Archive
Cyclist from Toronto, Canada – Archive
Cosmic Crates from San Francisco and Detroit – Archive
JP Source from Louisville, Kentuky – Archive
YSE Saint Laur’Ant  (Balearic/early 90s house DJ Mix – Part II) – Archive
Get Down Edits from Waterford, Ireland – Archive
VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive
Falcon Punch from Boulder, Colorado – Archive
Chris Clemo from Los Angeles, California – Archive
Eddie Bermuda from Tacoma, Washington – Archive
Chuggin’ Edits from Essex, Britain – Archive
Touchsoul from Sunderland, Britain – Archive
Alkalino from Munich, Germany – Archive
Universal Cave from Philadelphia, PA – Archive
Eugene Tambourine from Brooklyn, NY – Archive
Alan Mooney from Derry, Ireland – Archive
Aaron Dae from Brookly, New York – Archive
Justin Green from Stamford, Britain – Archive


VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive
Disco B (Late Night Sessions) from Serres, Greece – Archive
Mojo Filter from Earth – Archive
A Digital Needle from Toronto, Canada – Archive
Buzz Compass from Ivanovo, Russia – Archive
Osmose from Atlanta, Georgia – Archive
Fiervo from Sau Paulo, Brazil – Archive
Wesley Holmes from Seattle, WA – Archive
Chewy Rubs from a galaxy far, far away – Archive
BillyO from Lake Tahoe, California, USA – Archive
VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive
Superprince from Philadelphia, USA – Archive
Disco Tech from Stockholm, Sweden – Archive
dj Steef from Marseilles, France – Archive

Past roster from my work on GrooveSkool Radio includes:

Gui Pimentel from Brazil – Archive
Justeza from Lithuania – Archive
Derek Pavone from Seattle, WA – Archive


VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive
Tim Zawada from Chicago, IL – Archive
Belabouche from Italy – Archive
Sergio Fedasz from San Francisco, CA – Archive
SlowPøke from Seattle, WA – Archive
Roller Radio from Los Angeles, CA – Archive
Sleazy McQueen from Orlando, FL – Archive