Ain’t No Big Thing is my independently syndicated podcast, with a new episodes appearing regularly on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

In the past I’ve featured guest mixes from a roaster of incredibly talented taste makers.  If you are interested in participating, feel free to hit me up. I’m a friendly guy. djShmeejay (at) gmail (dot) com

Now syndicated via iTunes podcast.

Tentatively scheduled guest mixes, coming up:


Pabels from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ursula 1000 from New York, NY

Eyal Rob from Talaviv, Israel

Copycat from Helsingborg, Sweden.

Nocturnal Wax from Washington, DC

Seen On TV from Bordeaux, France

dj Kongisto from Johannesburg, South Africa

Past guest and episodes from the show’s current incarnation include, in reverse chronological order:


The Jambonies from United States – Archive
Beto from Rio De Janiero, Brazi – Archive
Hifi Sean from Glasgow, Scotland – Archive
Peza from Wolves – Archive
James Rod from Balearic Island, Spain – Archive
Powerslide from Victoria, BC – Archive
Songs of Praise from London, United Kingdom – Archive
Hotmood from Mexico – Archive
Woodhead from Vancouver, BC, Canada – Archive
Bombyce from France – Archive
Fred Berthet, aka dj Steef from Marseilles, France – Archive
Shit Hot Soundsystem from Essex, Britain – Archive
Chuggin’ Edits from Essex, Britain – Archive
The SugarBear – Nelson, British Columbia – Archive
Fleetwood Smack from Los Angeles, CA – Archive
Goz from West Lothian, Scotland – Archive
Rayko from Madrid, Spain – Archive
Andy Pye (Balearic Social) from Leeds, UK – Archive
Boogie Cafe Records   from Bristol, UK – Archive
Henry Greenwood from UK – Archive

Past roster from my work on BoxFrequency.FM Radio includes:

Scratchandsniff from Glasgow, Scotland – Archive

Air Zaïre  from Los Angeles, CA – Archive

The Sly Virus from Bowen Island, BC – Archive

JKriv from Brookly, NY – Archive

Sneak-E Pete from San Francisco, CA – Archive

Midnattssoula from Trondheim, Norway – Archive

The Beat Broker from San Francisco – Archive

Ain’t No Big Thing’s 100th episode!

Leberge from Vancouver, BC – Archive


Dino Soccio Los Angeles, CA – Archive

Pontchartrain from Detroit, MI – Archive

Jay Airiness -Nantes, France – Archive

Pete Herbert – London, UK – Archive

The SugarBear – Nelson, British Columbia – Archive

Alex Harrington – Palm Springs, California – Archive

Cole Medina – Los Angeles, California – Archive

Underdog Edits, from Chicago, IL – Archive

Karl Spackler from Vancouver, British Columbia – Archive

Gradient Logic from Saint Petersburg, Russia – Archive

Bad Barbie  from the UK – Archive

Ziggy Phunk from Copenhagen, Denmark – Archive

Hober Mallow from Sydney, Australia – Archive

Beatwell from Oslo, Norway – Archive

Luxxury, from Los Angeles, California – Archive

Midnattssoula from Trondheim, Norway – Archive

Bombyce from France – Archive

Mark Lippert from Seattle, WA  – Archive

Napoleon from Costa Rica – Archive

Estèphe from Geneva, Switzerland – Archive

Tee Cardaci from Rio De Janiero, Brazil – Archive

Drop Out Orchestra from Sweden – Archive

Ooft! from Glasgow, Scotland – Archive


Martín Miguel from Washington, DC – Archive

Night Train From Seattle, Washington  – Archive

The Starkiller from Amsterdam, Netherlands – Archive

JB Dizzy from Florida, US – Archive

Floppy Disco from Long Beach California – Archive

Javi Frias from Madrid Spain – Archive

Fran Deeper from Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Spain – Archive

Richardo Torres from Los Angeles, CA – Archive

Dave Allison from Montreal, Canada – Archive

Martin Hayes from Leipzig, Germany  – Archive

The Silver Rider from Brooklyn, New York – Archive

Spaceotter from Seattle, Washington – Archive

Andrew Allsgood from Victoria, Canada – Archive

Hristo from Victoria, Brithis Columbia – Archive

Olivier Boogie from Amsterdam, Netherlands – Archive

Earwig from Dayton, Ohio – Archive

Pleasure Principle from Los Angeles, California  – Archive

LeSale from Vienna, Austria – Archive

B.G. Baarregaard from Oslo, Norway – Archive

dj Friction from Ludwigsburg, Germany – Archive

Soultronic from Burghousen, Germany – Archive

80s Child from Warrington, England – Archive


Disco B (Late Night Sessions) from Serres, Greece – Archive

Sleazy McQueen from Orlando, Florida – Archive

Fingerman from Britain – Archive

YSE Saint Laur’Ant  (Balearic/early 90s house DJ Mix – Part III) – Archive

Pablo Contraband from Hove, England – Archive

Cyclist from Toronto, Canada – Archive

Cosmic Crates from San Francisco and Detroit – Archive

JP Source from Louisville, Kentuky – Archive

YSE Saint Laur’Ant  (Balearic/early 90s house DJ Mix – Part II) – Archive

Get Down Edits from Waterford, Ireland – Archive

VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive

Falcon Punch from Boulder, Colorado – Archive

Chris Clemo from Los Angeles, California – Archive

Eddie Bermuda from Tacoma, Washington – Archive

Chuggin’ Edits from Essex, Britain – Archive

Touchsoul from Sunderland, Britain – Archive

Alkalino from Munich, Germany – Archive

Universal Cave from Philadelphia, PA – Archive

Eugene Tambourine from Brooklyn, NY – Archive

Alan Mooney from Derry, Ireland – Archive

Aaron Dae from Brookly, New York – Archive

Justin Green from Stamford, Britain – Archive


VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive

Disco B (Late Night Sessions) from Serres, Greece – Archive

Mojo Filter from Earth – Archive

A Digital Needle from Toronto, Canada – Archive

Buzz Compass from Ivanovo, Russia – Archive

Osmose from Atlanta, Georgia – Archive

Fiervo from Sau Paulo, Brazil – Archive

Wesley Holmes from Seattle, WA – Archive

Chewy Rubs from a galaxy far, far away – Archive

BillyO from Lake Tahoe, California, USA – Archive

VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive

Superprince from Philadelphia, USA – Archive

Disco Tech from Stockholm, Sweden – Archive

dj Steef from Marseilles, France – Archive

Past roster from my work on GrooveSkool Radio includes:

Gui Pimentel from Brazil – Archive

Justeza from Lithuania – Archive

Derek Pavone from Seattle, WA – Archive


VinylAddicted from Greece – Archive

Tim Zawada from Chicago, IL – Archive

Belabouche from Italy – Archive

Sergio Fedasz from San Francisco, CA – Archive

SlowPøke from Seattle, WA – Archive

Roller Radio from Los Angeles, CA – Archive

Sleazy McQueen from Orlando, FL – Archive