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This show I host Songs of Praise. These two brothers, Marts and Mista V, from other mothers first started hanging out in the mid 70s as toddlers. Life, temporarily, separated them but individually they both found a love in 80s Hip Hop.
After Marts moved back to Hertfordshire it was only a matter of time that their paths would cross. It turns out both had been collecting and playing records since the 80s. Something had to happen.

2004 was the first time they played out together and that was a NYE house party. Since then there have been festivals ( Standon Calling, Festinho, Together), Bars, Pubs & Parties and of course, Radio ( Songs of Praise on Purple-Radio ) now in it’s 7th year.

Look for Songs of Praise on SoundCloud and FaceBook. Also you can find Mista V‘s classy brand of edits over on his BandCamp.

Songs of Praise’s set list:

The PoliticiansFree Your Mind [Hot Wax]
Casual ConnectionGive It To Ya [Hot Digits Music]
Satin JacketsOut of My Head [Toolroom]
Loose EndsHanging On A String (SanFranDisko Re-Rub )
MacattackArt of Drums [Baad! Records]
Big Audio Dynamite (Benny Hinn Edit) [That’s Not An Edit]
Nu GuineaParev’ Ajere [NG Records]
Uncle LouieI Like Funky Music (MikeAndTess Edit 4 Mix )
Alan TewThe Two Ronnies “The Detectives”
Mark RaeSmokey’s Lazy Roll Main
Banana LoverBetter
James RodGroove of Midnight [Rare Wiri Records]
LovebirdsRunning Backwards [Teardrop Records]
Mista VA Little Closer [Reverb Nation]

dj ShmeeJay‘s Set:

Double F.O.G.I Do Anything [Bandolier Records]
Todd TerjePreben Goes to Acapulco (Discuji Charm City ReRoute) [Better on Foot]
Josefin Öhrn + The LiberationRushing Through My Mind (Mang Dynasty Extended Version) [Mangled]
Jean ToniqueKeep dancing
Dirtyelements & DrunkdriversOne Night [Masterworks Music]
Labor Of LoveMove That Thang [Wax Digits]
Joutro MundoRevele [Barefoot Beats]
DJ Agent 86All About Money (George Kelly Maguire Edit) [The Chopshop Music]
Cuz Electric – Deamons
LoshmiThe Sweetest Things
The Silver Rider Groove On Down [Wax Digits]

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