dj ShmeeJay‘s Ain’t No Big Thing podcast,  syndicated through iTunes, with a new musical episode released about twice per month.

This episode I host VIGI from Nice, France, and he delivers a wonderful treat.

Find more of VIGIon his SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

VIGI’s set is his little secret, but if you ask nicely, maybe he will tell you.

dj ShmeeJay’s track list:

KettenkarussellMaybe [Giegling]
Dj Steef & Mr. Bard – Ritual Of The Body (Craig Smith Drum Talk Mix) [Numoment Recordings] *Forthcoming
Soul Clap Gardening ft. Life On Planets [Fool’s Gold Records]
Future FeelingsMassalia (Tropical Disease Mix) [Tickle Sound]
Paul OlderHot Deb (Original Mix) [Slightly Transformed]
CHEWY RUBSHave A Bit Of Fun [Bandolier Records]
Ivan De La Rouch & Mike Sacchetti Moving (Rigopolar Remix) [Playpal Music]
Fred BrethetRil (Original Mix) [Numoment Recordings]
CHEWY RUBSWelcoming (Head Bumpin’ Droid Dub) [Bandolier Records]
VIGIBecause Of You [Slightly Transformed]
Drop Out City Rockers – I Wanna Dance With Tron

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Musica est bonum,

folO Olof