dj ShmeeJay‘s Ain’t No Big Thing podcast,  syndicated through iTunes and Spotify, with a new musical episode released about twice per month.

This episode I host Erin O’Conner-Drew from Seattle, WA. Erin, or EOC, have been rocking dance floors in Seattle for a good little while now. You can catch her on the regular at the monthly Train Car House Party (TCHP) in SoDo in Seattle. TCHP is ran by the Erin, Patrick Hernandez and Bryan Jarr, who’ve created something special in a kitschy, unknown venue simply for the love of house music. Since its inception TCHP has become both an institution and a bit of a who’s who in the Seattle house world. Where else can you come get drunk on gay bar-strength cocktails to some of the best house music in down…on a frickin’ train? Erin’s TCHP is simply an institution.

Look for EOC on SoundCloud and Facebook.

EOC’s set is Erin’s little secret, but if you ask nicely perhaps she’ll tell you.

dj ShmeeJay’s set:

Cooper SaverHidden Springs [Biologic Records]
Seamus HajiBoogie 2nite (Extended Mix) [Glitter Box]
Joe CortiThe First Time [Better Listen Records]
Drop Out OrchestraHolding On (Yam Who? Remix) [Midnight Riot]
Phonk D & SiggatunezGladys [Tilly Jam]
Saint PaulFunky Cruisin’ [Moonrise Hill Material]
Evil SmartyLonely [Discolation]
Ray MangOrchestral Maneuvers [Eskimo]
NachtbrakerHamdi [Heist]
HotmoodTropical Space [Giant Cuts]
Double ExposureFree Love (Mighty Mouse Edit)

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