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This episode I host Sascha Yamashita aka The Sly Virus, a northern BC born, multi-disciplinary artist currently calling Bowen Island BC home, who partitions his creativity between two fields, DJ’ing and conceptual fine art. Sascha’s artwork cannot be defined by a single medium but he rather embraces all mediums, selecting the appropriate one to best convey the content of the specific piece or series. It is in Sascha’s unique approach to his content that his work can be both recognized and distinguished by. This same creative approach drives Sascha’s ear for music. Having always had a passion for music but never learning to play, 13+ years ago he turned towards the creativity of mixing records. Today, Sascha  is known throughout BC to DJ under two different monikers, The Sly Virus and Aleksandr – each delivering a different yet quality audio experience.

The Sly Virus flawlessly mixes a multitude of funkier ‘house’ sub-genres including, indie dance, nu disco, Balearic, and deep house to bring parties his unmistakable style of ‘Deep Disco’. Aleksandr (a newer DJ project, 13 years in the making) focuses his musical selections in deep, melodic and ethereal house music to give his audiences a sophisticated and emotional progression on the dance floor. Regardless, of whichever moniker Sascha is performing under, he is known for perfectly curated, mixed sets that can only be described as purely infectious! With either the sly virus or Aleksandr behind the decks it is clearly evident he can keep the vibe going at all hours – never failing to deliver!

Look for more of The Sly Virus on  SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Sly Virus‘s set:

Henry Saiz – September (Endless Summer Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
dj ShmeeJay‘s set:

Make It Right (Deep & Disco Edit)
Liquid PegasusBass Finger (Original Mix) [Royal Athlete]
SwalesSun Fog [Dansu Discs]
HotmoodUsisilike [Star Creatures]
HotmoodDon’t Care [Editorial]
SuneDo you even? [Better Listen Records]
Taylor BenseFeels Good To Be Loved [Wolf + Lamb Records]
MarsupialsAgain & Again [Diggin’ Disco Deep]
George Kelly feat. Ifigenia AtkinsonTipsy Talkin’ (Chicken Lips Dub Delux) [Our Records]
Grace JonesWilliams’ Blood (Yam Who? Electric Dub)
Kiu DTimeline [Masterworks Music]
SnaxFinal Hour [Random Records]
Hard Ton feat Space EchoCold Sweat (Kelton Prima Remix) [Luv Shack Records]

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