My mix for Super Lotek presents Golden Streams : A 24 Hour Musical Festival and Celebration for Floppy Disco on his 50th Birthday.

ChevalsSweet Dubnamite [Mister T Records]
Buzz CompassU Deserve It [Editorial]
South Beach RecyclingLove [SFSB Recordings]
The Silver RiderWhat Is It Good For [Special Edition]
Saint PaulRelieve Your Mind [Masterworks Music]
DirtytwoFound Love [Razor-N-Tape Reserve]
LoshmiMy Family
Shit Hot SoundsystemShit Goes 2 Minneapolis [Samosa Records]
The Silver Rider – All I Do [Whiskey Disco]
Eddie KendricksSmoke (Specialty Edit) [Super value]
Hubie DavisonWatchasay [Regraded]
Who (Dj Steef & Mr Bard Edit) [Lovesaves]
Carola – Säg Mig Var Du Star (Bottenvikens Silverkyrka Acid Edit)

A flumine usque in umbra,

Olof folO