The March 2015 installment of my monthly mix-tape for the good people over at Proud-Robinson.

dj SteefBiomix05 A1
P-SolPiece of Sunshine
King Size SlimNot Fade Away (Psychemagik‘s Line Dance Mix)
FingermanJust A Little Luv & Disco (Disco Beatdown)
Hober MallowBill’s Dae
ExileI Wanna Kiss You All Over (Sunshine Jones Re Edit)
Kastil – Low Luv
George Benson – Give Me The Night (Womack ReWork)
Herbie Hancock – Cantaloupe (Mauricio Lage Edit)
The Blackbyrds Walking in Rhythm (Peza‘s Moving In Sound ReWork)

Bonum musicam bonus populus,

folO Olof