The November 2014 installment of my monthly mix-tape for the good people over at Proud-Robinson.

Donna Summer – Love2Love (LNTG Interpretation) [Tuff Cuts]
PontchartrainMonkey See  [Hot Digits]
Don RayGarden Of Love (Florent F Gentle Edit)
Mr. MendelBoogie With The Channel [Street Edits]
Dance With Me (Pontchartrain Edit) [Whiskey Disco]
Breakfast Lunch + DinnerTonight [Whiskey Disco]
Falcon PunchNo No [Whiskey Disco]
RaBo & SnoBHere We Come [Whiskey Disco]
Stephanie MillsWhatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ (Dj ‘S’ Bootleg Dance Re-Mix)
ChangePitch Black City (B.G. Baarregaard Edit) [DiscoDat]
Will Collins and WillpowerDon’t Fight The Feeling (Florent F Gentle Edit)
First Choice Let  No Man Put Asunder (The Noodleman Extended Edit)

Bonum musicam bonus populus,

folO Olof