Not too long ago, to get away from the cool Pacific Northwest summer, I took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  In all it was a lovely affair, lazing about in the sand and water. While enjoying the sun and warmth, it did get me thinking (what doesn’t?). On the flight over I had read, in the in-flight magazine, that any plant that does not require a cold snap will grow on the island, and hence, bringing non-native spices can be really disruptive to the local flora. After a week of enjoying the island (truly, you should try it) I did come to the conclusion that; sure, it is lovely here, but I too require a cold snap.

As you can see, my lady also realized something.  While on the island, sunscreen needs to be re-applied regularly.

Memoryman AKA UovoSleepless Disco Night (Nicholas Remix)
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Joseph TerruelIt’s Only Love Doing Its Thing
The OwlFeel Good (Original Mix)
78 Edits One Way
Odyssey Hang Together (Keep Schtum Re-Edit)
Billy OceanEuropean Queen (Rayko Remix)
Julien ClercMangos (JT Edit)
George BensonOn Broadway (JF EDIT)
Isaac Hayes – That Loving Feeling (DJ Steef Edit)
KastilTestify For You

Quoque Fervens,

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