Yesterday I had the house to myself and I’d spent several hours playing music and going through my collection to prepare for a New Year’s Eve party that I have lined up in Bend, OR.  After playing for four hours I started to get tired and decided to sit down to watch a movie.  After sitting down, however, I got bored pretty quick and decided to turn off the movie and get back to the music.  Instead of focusing on the New year’s Eve set I decided to try something a  little different.  I took the music and pitched down the tempo, playing the tracks a bit slower than they were originally recorded just to see how it would sound.

The out come was a deep and warm set that I’m quite excited about.

Drop Out Orchestra – Aw Paul Rein
Tom Tom ClubWordy Rappinghood (Daniel Lucas Edit )
RobynHang With Me (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
Hot ChocolateEmma (Ken At Play Get down In Swingtown Remix)
6th Borough Project – Hang On
Billy IdleGino’s dancing (Close to the edit)
Fat Jon – Everywhere (Swell Session VIP Remix)
Midnight StarMidas Touch (David Klein Edit)
Michael Wycoff –  Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework)
AmericaMuskrat Love (The Two Mamarrachos Beta Edit)
Marvin Gaye –  Is Anybody Thinking About Their Living (Re-Visited by ★Estèphe)

Vos es exspectata meus amicitia,

dj ShmeeJay

To download this set, just click here.