Here’s the first set of mine from the last Velvet Revolution party that we hosted on June 5.   This mix is full of disco and flare, so you might need to put on some sunglasses before you press play and prepare to get down.  Check back soon for a section of the later set I played that same eve.

Ben Watt – Lone Cat
Bob Sinclar – Lala Song feat. Hendogg, Wonder Mike, Master Gee
Daft Punk – Technologic (Go Go Bizkitt Remix!)
De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Called ‘Saturdays’ (Loco Edit)
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (Dirty Monkeez Remix)
Le Knight Club – Soul Bells (Go Go Bizkitt! remix)
Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Stereoheroes Remix)
Earth,Wind & Fire – Lets groove tonight (Go Go Bizkitt Remake)
Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You! – (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix!!)
Pardon My French – NY City Girl

Ego sum superbus illorum quisnam es verus sibimet,

dj ShmeeJay